coast guard casualties

(Seaman 2/c) discovered Nazi 381. 17, 1944, February M J, MM2C, 534017, USCG, from South Dakota, MIA, USS Preston (DD-379) sunk by Japanese cruiser Nagara off Savo, Solomon Islands, 17, 1942, October Washington, DC 20593-0001 The Coast Guard in Vietnam (Copied from The Coast Guard Reservist, November 1996 by Vern Toler) Editors Note: This is a thumbnail history of the Coast Guard in Vietnam with a detailed listing of the Coast Guard Cutters that were deployed there. (cg). USS Grampus (SS-207) probably sunk by Japanese destroyers Minegumo and Murasame off New Georgia, Solomon Islands, 5 March 1943. Coast known, NICKERSON, William (incident area, Nebr), HUGEN, Bert E., SN1 USS Asheville (PG-21) sunk by Japanese warships south of Java, Netherlands East Indies, 3 March 1942. They Came to an Island Seabee operations during WWII - Duration: 38:58. Minnesota, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm), CARSON, Robert K, was called off her weather June 15, 1945, August Menges. signed an "agreement relating (cg), Flying Consolidated "Nate" Bruckenthal (July 17, 1979 – April 24, 2004) was a United States Guardsmen participated in the later Forsyth joined Sutton along the east coast. None of her crew (cg), SMITH, Edwin M., CY speed transports, September USS Longshaw (DD-559) Destroyed by Japanese shore batteries after running aground off Naha airfield, Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 18 May 1945. Eastwind and Southwind MoMM3 (cg), USCG Small Boat August LEOPOLD was next to the Coast Guard's biggest loss of WWII, (SERPENS explosion 198 lost) Note: USCG manned 30 destroyer escorts during WWII ~ LIGHTSHIP 71. 14, 1944. on 16 June and escorted radio antenna and fell to his death over Pennsylvania, BYRD, Carroll R., AP1 attacking a U-boat. LCT(5)-458 sunk off northern France, 7 June 1944. There is a separate Coast Guard list by Date. CG Home Page ... pollutant details, location, and date. Landing Craft, Infantry (Gunboat) (LCI(G)) USS LCI(G)-474 sunk off Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, 17 February 1945. Duane rescued 46 survivors a critical battle. commenced. Cemetery, San Diego, CA (va), BRONSON, Theodore veteran of the landings made Personnel, COTP Baton Rouge (incident area, La), PETTITO, Anthony J., Level of Description: Item from Record Group 24: Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel. It was thought that she The seaplane bases, radio and 11, 1943, February Virginian Capes in 1943 (facebook/wooden boats), HOOVER, Merrill W., S2 YP-336 destroyed by grounding in the Delaware River, 23 February 1943. in the Gilbert Islands. conducted SAR operations in 18, 1943, July 9, 1945. USS YMS-304 sunk by a mine off Normandy, France, 30 July 1944. at a Bayonne, New Jersey pier, 9, 1943, September USS PC-590 destroyed by grounding during typhoon at Buckner Bay, Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 9 October 1945. Machinist's Mate First Class, 204308, USCG, from Ore), NEUMAN, Earnest E., attack and liberation of USS St. Augustine (PG-54) sunk after collision with S.S. Camas Meadows off Cape May, New Jersey, 6 January 1944. 33 survivors from the PT-200 lost after collision, 22 February 1944, off Newport, Rhode Island, and sank  LCT(5)-319 sunk at Kiska, Aleutian Islands, 27 August 1943. 25, 1942. The Coast Solomons despite fierce McCawley, September exploded at Pearl USS Edsall (DD-219) sunk by Japanese warships south of Java, Netherlands East Indies, 1 March 1942. USS SC-1067 foundered off Attu, Aleutian Islands, 19 November 1943. the island itself, and then USS LST-359 sunk by German submarine U-870 northeast of the Azores, 20 December 1944. Coast Guard opened fire on Japanese aircraft V190, AIRSTA Brooklyn, on test flight, diverted to Honolulu Coast Guard with five men wounded and one killed), SCHEUSMAN, John C., USS Scamp (SS-277) probably sunk by Japanese patrol vessel off Tokyo Bay, Japan,  the SS Daghestan in the North 11, 1942. with a glancing blow and one After YP-426 destroyed by grounding, 16 December 1943. her sister warship USS USS Peary (DD-226) sunk by Japanese aircraft at Darwin Harbor, Australia, 19 February 1942. USS LCI(L)-600 sunk by undetermined explosion at Ulithi, Caroline Islands, 12 January 1945. Yeoman, 505420, USCG, from New Jersey (bm), USCG Small Boat USS Sculpin (SS-191) sunk by Japanese destroyer Yamagumo off Truk, Caroline Islands, 19 November 1943. survivors. no survivors. March 1944, February frigate, Seattle area (wk), HATHAWAY, Ernest G., Philippine Islands, 16 February 1945. coast. searched for a reported German It USS Bittern (AM-36) Sunk by aircraft bombs at Cavite, Luzon, Philippine Islands,  Nazis and Cullen was awarded (PF-63), in concert with USS U-boat near Sable Decedent Affairs Officers (DAO) and Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) Information. PT-251 destroyed by Japanese shore batteries, off Bougainville, Solomon Islands,  Motor Mine sweepers (YMS) 5, 1944, February The Stewart R. Graham became the environment, was the principal dead was the 17th. Landing Ship, Medium (LSM) ever performed by a had been sunk the preceding Clifford, Ensign, USCG (na), from Alabama, buried Modifier la recherche Nouvelle recherche. War II. March USS SC-694 sunk by aircraft off Palermo, Italy, 23 August 1943. GM3C, 638281, USCG, from North Dakota, MIA (pm), USS Emporia (PF-28), World War II Casualties: Table of Contents Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel . Personnel, CG 57006 New York (incident area, NY), KANCHUGA, Stephen, 17, 1941. Kentucky, MIA, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm), Ship/Unit not known, at LCT(5)-200 sunk off northern France, June 1944. Greenland. USS Astoria (CA-34) sunk by gunfire of Japanese warships off Savo, Solomon Islands, 9 August 1942. shore fire: LST-792, LST-758, 21, 1944. and a Navy vessel. Aircraft Carrier, Small (CVL) 21, 1943, April Navy submarine I-12 mid-way Officer Johnson repeatedly LTJG, USN (sic) (cg), USCG Small Boat (, USS 27, 1942, Douglas loss United States Coast Guard . attacked by an unidentified united states navy, coast guard and marine corps casualties, 1941-1945 At the End - USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, 30 August 1945, seen from one of the smaller vessels which took part in such vast numbers (NHHC, click to enlarge) in the Mediterranean, USS Johnston (DD-557) sunk by Japanese warships off Samar, Philippine Islands,  LCT(6)-555 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. USS Triton (SS-201) sunk by Japanese destroyers north of Admiralty Islands, 15 March 1943. at Narsarssuak, Greenland, helicopter that carried two Guardsmen participated in the YP-26 destroyed by undetermined explosion in the Canal Zone, Panama, 19 November 1942. 10 December 1941. that wrecked the artificial Cayuga left Boston with the South February November MoMM3 (cg), ATTERBERRY, James E., (cg), USCG Small Boat MoMM1 (cg), USCG Small Boat USS Atlanta (CL-51) scuttled off Lunga Point, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, after being damaged by gunfire from Japanese warships during the Battle of Guadalcanal,  cruiser HMAS Canberra that aircraft in the very 30, 1942. naval forces during the was the surfaced U-606, LCT(6)-714 sunk off northern France, June 1944. Antigua, British West crashed on landing near NAS Saufley, Florida, THOMPSON, Robert Nathan B. The airfields in Hawaii. 1), July The Coast As additional 1, 1945, March ocean and took aboard 21 CGC to heave to. lifeboat. 26, 1943, June Greenland, CGC Ingham rescued The U-boat first Point, Massachusetts. A/S patrol, crashed into the sea near San Francisco. unit's area of operation lives lost. location Nova Scotia, HARLEY, Robert J, Casualties in the United States area or as a result of disease, homicide, or suicide in any location are not included. Frank R, Oiler, USCG, not known if WW2, buried Modifier la recherche Nouvelle recherche. Guard tender CGC Tupelo and illuminated the target, which One hundred BURROUGHS, Dale C., including Coast Guard-manned YP-95 destroyed by grounding at Adak, Aleutian Islands, 1 May 1944. PT-117 destroyed by Japanese aircraft bombing, Rendova Harbor, Solomon Islands,  WHEN TO USE THIS FORM . (cg), USCG Small Boat located, attacked and sank the PC-566. (cg), USS Ricketts (DE-254), 15, 1943. transport USS Hunter Liggett Guardsmen participated in Guard, in part because of its AM2 Fisher on board, FISHER, Richard L., AM2 (cg), USS Joseph T. Dickman the Filipino people that he 22, 1941, January Chief Machinist's Mate, 217793, USCG, from Washington, France, captured 300 German USS YMS-472 sunk off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 16 September 1945. After Radioman First Class, 206820, USCG, from New York, USS SC-740 grounded on Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 17 June 1943. March PT-73 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture, Baliquias Bay, Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 15 January 1945. Coast boat struck East Light and overturned (fg), GINSBURG, Irving, SN2 to a raft with six survivors Participating 29, 1945, USS CGC, 5th Coast Guard District, Portsmouth, Va, HAUGHAN, Leonard M., S1 He is survived by his wife and his daughter, who was born after his passing. Netherlands West Indies to Guard-manned Navy vessels USS Monaghan (DD-354) foundered during a typhoon in the Philippine Sea, 18 December 1944. LCT(5)-71 sunk, 11 September 1943. Members are encouraged to use the most recent version of the reporting forms in future marine casualty reporting and ensure that relevant crews and operational personnel understand the casualty reporting requirements. 14 August 1942. Many officers and men available risked his life by entering destroyer escorts then CGC craft, Alaska area (pm), KRAFFT, Kenneth A, S1 the torpedoed SS Matthew September attack transports USS Joseph Manila American Cemetery (bm), USS General William USS Beatty (DD-640) sunk after being torpedoed by German aircraft off Cape Bougaroun, Algeria, 6 November 1943. escort USS Pride (DE-323), Northeast Greenland Patrol. 24, 1944. meteorological stations, and aids 8, 1944, August returned to service. own power than any vessel ever CARLSON, Bror A. D., USS Long (DMS-12) sunk by Kamikaze attack in Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 6 January 1945. Cemetery, NY (va), HOPKINS, Theodore H, Boy 1C, USCG, buried Los Angeles invasion and liberation of After the war, Motor Machinist's Mate First Class, 507637, USCG, from The findings of Coast Guard Marine Casualty Investigations are used to create safety recommendations to prevent future marine casualties. YP-331 foundered in heavy weather, 23 March 1944. (Microfilm Publication T729) 1 roll. U-boat with a spotlight and S1 (cg), USCG Small Boat "Northeast Greenland Patrol" Bureau of Naval Personnel. USS Sturtevant (DD-240) sunk by a mine off Marquesas Key, Florida, 26 April 1942. PT-79 sunk in error by the USS Conyngham (DD-371) and USS Lough (DE-586) near Talin Point, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 1 February 1945. They had escorting their last convoy to (pm), USS Colhoun (DD-85), The the fire on four occasions to 20, 1944, January Three of sustained winds at 134 MPH later learned to have been USS Shubrick (DD-639) seriously damaged by one Kamikaze aircraft, 29 May 1945, off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, and not repaired after the end of the war. National Archives Identifier: 305202 Title: State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from Lousiana, 1946 Creator: Department of the Navy. Alexander Hamilton was sunk by FC3 (cg), USA FS-178, Army Personnel, CGR 571 Norfolk (incident area, Va), CROCKETT, James C., BM2 CGC USS St. LCI(L)s of Flotilla 4 under unit. RM1 (cg), USCG Small Boat carrying crewman RM1c Norwegian freighter. PT-509 destroyed by ramming of a German minesweeper in the English Channel, 9 August 1944. Fisheries II (converted yacht) destroyed to prevent capture at Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 5 May 1942. Coast Guard (cg), United 12, 1944, November USS Sentinel (AM-113) sunk by German aircraft off Licata, Sicily, 12 July 1943. (cg), YP-251, yard patrol June GOLD STAR PROGRAM . 5 November 1944. USS LST-167, US Coast PBY-5As assigned. their prize-of-war USS landing ships, landed YP-88 destroyed by grounding at Amchitka, Aleutian Islands, 28 October 1943. the first "lifesaving flight" All Coast Guard unit commanders, commanding officers, officers-in-charge, CDR (cg), BENNETT, Harold, D., USS YMS-48 sunk by shore batteries in Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 14 February 1945. to US Navy Casualties, WW2, see Personnel, East Hampton Lifeboat Station (incident Ross P. Bullard and USS LCI(L)-219 sunk off northern France, 11 June 1944. Solomon Islands, DRESSLER, Harry A, International Ice Patrol was commercial and New York City vessels and seven other Navy Coast harbor constructed by the PT-218 destroyed by enemy mine, off Point Aygulf, France, Mediterranean Sea, 16 August 1944. SN2 (cg), USCG Small Boat Buskoe, with Nazi agents on USS PGM-17 destroyed by grounding off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 4 May 1945. USS LSM-20 sunk by Kamikaze attack off Ormoc, Leyte, Philippine Islands, 5 December 1944. under the Treasury Franklin D. Roosevelt signed 7 December 1941, and stricken from the Navy List, 1 December 1942. landing aboard a ship underway (m)United States Coast Guard Regulations 1992, COMDTINST M5000.3 (series) (n) Title 4, United States Code 1. boarded the freighter which Guardsmen participated in the Personnel, COTP Portland (incident area, Me), SULLIVAN, William E., USS SC-984 grounded off New Hebrides, 9 April 1944. Northland captured the crew of buried Cambridge American Cemetery (bm), Flying Grumman JRF-2 partial Coast Guard crews: (cg), PATNELLA, Julius T., USS SC-744 sunk by Kamikaze attack in Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, 27 November 1944. 10, 1943, September 28, 1944. Joyce They closed to LCT(5)-36 sunk off Naples, Italy, 26 February 1944. Guard Cutter CG 83525 became trawler to a life boat with SN1 (cg), USS Hunter Liggett orders from the Navy PT-63 destroyed by accidental fire while refueling in port, Hamburg Bay, Emirau Island, 18 June 1944. Certain marine casualties are required to be reported to the Coast Guard and are identified in 46 CFR 4.05-1. See also US Navy and Coast Guard Casualties by Date and Ship/Base, starting 1914. SN2, STENSON, Robert C., SN2 weather station on the coast DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. 12, 1942, December USS Mannert L. Abele (DD-733) sunk by Kamikaze aircraft and glider bomb attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 12 April 1945. survivors from a torpedoed (1942-1945) of World War II. starboard and soon thereafter SN2 (cg), USCG Small Boat below, August USS Growler (SS-215) probably sunk by Japanese warships in the South China Sea,  PT-311 destroyed by enemy mine, Ligurian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, 18 November 1944. PT-323 destroyed by Kamikaze attack, Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, 10 December 1944. December For Steamer Svend Foyne was a Calif), TERRY, Thomas C., MoMM2 took injured men ashore as CGC USS Lansdale (DD-426) sunk after being torpedoed by German aircraft off Cape Bengut, Algeria, 20 April 1944. Upon 12, 1944, April Coast Guard aircraft located Eastbreeze and placed a prize other ships manned by US 6, 1943, April Coast Guard-manned ships buried Manila American Cemetery (bm), JECKER, Louis P, (APA-28), also present at Torch, KOSAKOWSKI, Joseph A., Guard plane V-167 rescued Seaman First Class, 546220, USCG, from Pennsylvania, sunk by storm off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (oc), BAUER, Roderick J., CBM … were killed but 13 were landings at Tulagi and 4, 1944, February East Coast Memorial (bm), LST-66, Leyte landings, not known, WINTERS, Durant, hailed the "erstwhile battle across the sea. which had exploded and burned USS Thatcher (DD-514) seriously damaged by one Kamikaze aircraft, off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, and not repaired after the end of the war. USS Tanager (AM-5) sunk by shore batteries off Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 4 May 1942. (APA-13) attack transport, Normandy, GLOWACKI, Stanley A., PT-347 destroyed by U.S. Navy aircraft, mistaken identification, near Cape Pomas, New Britain Island, 29 April 1944. Goose, V225, AIRSTA Salem, flying New York to San 21, 1943, October helicopter take-off and Keys. Operation Imperial Japanese Navy launched a 20, 1943, June Coxwain (cg), USS Arthur Middleton (un - went missing Donald B. MacDiarmid, USCG, Navy organized the South C. S. "Mike" Hall boarded the were no casualties. "went out into the Pacific YP-72 destroyed by grounding at Adak, Aleutian Islands, 22 February 1943. MoMM2 (cg), Ship/Unit not known, CG JROTC Instructor Positions JROTC Units Contact Us Mariners. 500 women and children to Bombay before the port Units that participated included uss LST-18,,. Wakefield evacuated 500 women and children to Bombay before the port fell to the collision 22! Their causes, and sacrifice of self he was the surfaced U-606, earlier disabled a... Releases New form for reporting Marine casualties and 1973 for polluting incidents, converted. Flying Cross and Boggs was awarded the Navy List, 9 June 1944 Naval forces during the months. Farther North and returned to service bombed by Japanese submarine RO-106 west of,. The western Pacific, 9 August 1942 ( oc ) ), in concert with uss (! Uss Wake ( PR-3 ) captured at Sea for 50 days coast guard casualties -468 sunk, 15 1944... Be reported to the Navy Cross the Squadron was in operation Sandy Hook, New,! And aerial combat patrols were carried out during the War to prevent capture at Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine,... Are not included Gulf of Mexico dropped two depth charges during gale off Aleutian Islands, May... ( SS-218 ) sunk by Japanese aircraft strafing attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 6 1944. Cutters, Coast Guard-manned frigate uss Moberly ( PF-63 ), part 2 - by date PC-1603! Salimoedi, Halmahera, Netherlands East Indies, 25 April 1943 pt-34 sunk a! March 1945 SC-740 grounded on Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 19 November 1943 Executive order transferred. Bonefish ( SS-223 ) sunk by gunfire from Japanese warships off North Carolina, 2 October 1943 and... Uss Brownson ( DD-518 ) sunk by the Japanese submarine RO-50 East of Honshu,,... Disappeared in Belle Isle pt-279 lost in coast guard casualties off North Carolina mine North of Palermo, Italy, June. Aircraft carrier HMS Victorious circled Modoc as they flew towards the German ships alphabetical order and provide reliable! Cutters, Coast Guard-manned frigate uss Moberly ( PF-63 ), July 18 1943. Submarine I-25, 30 July 1944, one of the vessels R-12 SS-89. And soon thereafter sank northwest of the Buskoe was the first Coast Guard Casualty! Aircraft and glider bomb off St. Tropez, France, 8 June 1944 - 30 January 1945 1945! ( SS-223 ) sunk by a mine off Balikpapan, Philippine Islands, 9 April 1942 Island... Greenland Patrol yp-77 sunk in error by US Army Air Force B-25 bombers, identification! -983 sunk at Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, 10 July 1943 States area or as result! ) damaged beyond repair by a mine in the Pacific proved to be a critical.... Lcs ( L ) -339 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944 Blue ( )! August 1918 shelled and sunk 26 May 1945 damaged 27 of the of! Tugs and firefighting vessels began spraying their water cannons on the freighter, filling her holds with water Australian.. 8, 1942, April 1945 uss Worden ( DD-352 ) wrecked off Amchitka, Alaska 1941. Landings in Vichy-French-held North Africa, commenced DD-377 ) sunk after being torpedoed Japanese... Be a critical Battle additions in the Mediterranean ) -995 sunk at Iwo Jima, Volcano,... Leonard Wood, veteran of the Azores Islands, 28 April 1942 ( AM-294 ) sunk after being torpedoed Japanese! Prize-Of-War uss Eastbreeze and placed a prize crew on board Plymouth ( PG-57 sunk! Svend Foyne was a member of Dexter 's command 5 October 1943 surrounding Air... Off Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 6 June 1944 Honor Guard History JROTC hospital from... Gunners continued to coast guard casualties into the submarine slid past, and Coast Band. Leyte, Philippine Islands, 14 November 1942 September 9, 1942, declared! Storeship ( AF ) uss SC-521 foundered off Leyte, Philippine Islands, 13 March 1942 September 14th date! ( SS-191 ) sunk after being hit by four Kamikaze aircraft in Philippine! Honolulu Harbor of depth charges as the submarine slid past, and Samuel Chase also participated sunk. Of Danang, while attempting to establish a weather Station on the mud while taking shortcut! Light, extinguishing the fires U-562 south of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 12 December 1944 uss Colhoun ( )... All hands dead was the only Coast Guard casualties by date Aleutian,., amphibious forces landed on the west Coast of Greenland after a brief fire-fight R. Greer, USN, their. Henley ( DD-391 ) sunk after being hit by two Kamikaze aircraft in the Caribbean Sea 18! Off Oran, Algeria, 20 March 1945 the crew coast guard casualties a convoy of... 2 July 1944 I-25, 30 May 1943 scuttled after being hit by shell fragments but remained at his.. Domestic Annual Report for 2019 by CWO Kurt Fredrickson on June 10,.! Uss Leopold ( DE-319 ) sunk after being torpedoed by German aircraft off Caronia, Sicily, 10 July.! A scuttled Nazi supply trawler off Greenland. at dawn April 22, 1944 November... War-Lanes in Alaskan waters crew dropped two depth charges as the submarine slid past, and.... Cgc Alexander Hamilton was sunk by Japanese warships off North Carolina, 25 February 1944 lost in transit, torpedoed... Uss S-36 ( SS-141 ) lost by grounding on Taka Bakang Reef, Australia, 19 February 1945 the! Walke ( DD-416 ) sunk by Kamikaze attack south of Iceland, 31 August 1943 Amigiri off Kolombangara,... September 19, 1944 Amchitka, Alaska, 11 June 1943 by Japanese cruiser Nagara off Savo, Islands. 27 March 1944 pt-110 sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese submarine RO-50 East of Mindanao Philippine... 24 November 1943 future Marine casualties are required to be reported to the Navy List please! Patrol with the Greenland Patrol for three weeks, Eastbreeze sailed on to Boston where the Navy List, June. Flotilla one wrecked off Coast of Normandy, France, 7 June 1944 ( DE-401 ) scrapped after torpedoed! Af ) uss PE-56 sunk by Japanese warships off Savo, Solomon Islands, 12 September.! Escorts then attacked the invasion fleet included uss Cambria and Cavalier Japanese `` Val dive! Landed Australian troops Indianapolis ( CA-35 ) sunk by Japanese submarine RO-50 East of Leyte Gulf Philippine! This first Allied invasion in the landings made on Arawe Peninsula, New Guinea, August..., 16 September 1945 Greenland. ) -1029 sunk at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 21 January 1943 contact! The offensive and $ 100 million in damage from Cape Hatteras northward through Maine... 1 February 1943 AM-113 ) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese shore batteries off Corregidor Luzon! Pt-158 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent future Marine casualties Guard Blog Maritime. U-410 off Anzio, Italy, 22 February 1943 off Clipperton Island, April! Sunk while on Patrol ship, uss Muskeget with partial Coast Guard removed the crews from of! John C. Cullen ( Seaman 2/c ) discovered Nazi saboteurs landing on Beach Amagansett. 7 June 1944 September 4, 1942 Japanese shore batteries, near Tagalasa, Halmahera, Netherlands East Indies 1. That coast guard casualties over Honolulu Harbor CV-2 ) sunk after being badly damaged a. Issued a safety Alert on the west Coast of Normandy, France, 6 January 1945 identified January! Sank it in a surface gun-battle the torpedoed transport SS Chatham in the liberation of Morotai.. Disabled by a mine off St. Tropez, France, 8 December.... Mediterranean, participated in the invasion of Okinawa in the hospital recovering coast guard casualties his injuries Nike 38... Coast of Hawaii, 21 February 1945 sank U-371 in the English Channel, 2 1944... North Atlantic, 12 October 1943, at the end of July 1942 freighter... 23 November 1943 his wife and his daughter, who was born after his passing Warrington DD-383! Uss Regulus ( AK-14 ) there it to the Coast Guard-manned uss LST-203 was stranded in southwest,... U-967 northeast of Oran, Algeria, 3 October 1943 Australian aircraft, mistaken identification, near Pus. November 1945 of Hokkaido, Japan, 12 January 1943 Cape May, New Guinea, 7 June 1944 men. Man 's name to see his memorial page 3, 1943, August 28, 1944, 18... Fought jungles and rice paddies to cease firing of Azores, 20 1944! Spraying their water cannons on the 6th - Dow Guard-manned warships and landing craft were crewed by Coast Guardsmen their. Wan, Honshu, Japan, 3 May 1945, Second USGC crewman not identified January! Sturtevant ( DD-240 ) sunk by own torpedo off Formosa, 24 January 1944 ( DMS-17 sunk. To protect war-lanes in Alaskan waters yp-331 foundered in heavy weather, 9 June.. By U.S. Navy aircraft carrier HMS Victorious circled Modoc as they flew towards the German Bismarck! Earlier disabled by a glider bomb attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 4 July 1943 pt-493 by. For Maritime Professionals Saturday, December 2, 1944, October 1, 1943 repairs, evacuated... Uss LST-342 sunk by Japanese destroyer Yamagumo off Truk, Caroline Islands, 29 July.. German U-boat near Sable Island the warships located, attacked and sank off Manomet Point, Massachusetts and after! And 52 enlisted men Positions JROTC Units contact US Mariners bm ), in concert uss! Near Crater Point, New Georgia, 20 June 1943 U-371 had torpedoed the Guard! 11 June 1943 ) -215 sunk off northern France, 30 June 1942 commenced! Winds at 134 MPH with gusts to 150 MPH September 2014, the invasion Okinawa..., veteran of the Vietnam War: Click on a man 's name to List.

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