IPAWS Weekly Test for 9-12-16 Fails

From Al Kenyon, Engineering, IPAWS Programming Office
“We (FEMA) are currently attempting to address an issue which has caused the regular Monday morning RWT messages issued by IPAWS to fail upon reception.”  They hope to have the issue repaired prior to sending to the Mountain Zone.

Please log a failure of the weekly IPAWS test for Sept 12, 2016 due to issues at FEMA.

More info – “The RWTs for Monday 9/12/16 were digitally signed with an expired digital certificate.  If your EAS receiver is set to “check signature” then it would have rejected the RWT. This will be reflected in the September RWT report.

Note: We (FEMA) are in the process of replacing the expired certificate and hope to have it ready in time for the next RWT cycle.  Normally, you would not see alerts on the EAS feed signed with with expired digital certificates, but IPAWS RWTs are generated internally and posted directly to the EAS feed.