great dane and german shepherd mix breed

He does better living in moderate climates rather than either extreme. According to the American Kennel Club’ rankings the Great Dane, and German Shepherd are 14th and 2nd most popular breeds of America respectively. Getting your dog used to having his paws handled or being asked to stand on an examining table will enable your dog to be groomed and examined with ease. He is a large to giant sized dog weighing 65 to 130 pounds and measuring 28 to 30 inches tall. Is a Great Dane / German Shepherd Dog Mix the right Dog for you? 1 2 of 2 german shepherd dog great dane mix dog for adoption near alaska anchorage usa. The result of combining these two popular breeds … Both parent breeds of the Great Shepherd originated in German. Your email address will not be published. Von Stephanitz collaborated with breeders of herding and guardian dogs throughout Germany to create the ideal canine worker, what we now recognize as the German Shepherd Dog. Murray the Shepherd / Retriever mix at 4 years old weighing 90 pounds —"He is very calm and loyal, love rides in the truck and being with his owner. No one is quite sure why this breed came to be known as a “Dane”, however we do know that the breed has a long history in Germany. He does not play with ball or toys and walks close to his owner while on a leash. He also needs plenty of physical and mental exercise. Note the health and condition of the sire and dam. Known under a number of names across Europe, this prolific dog originated in Germany as a boar hunting dog and guardian. As for weight Shepherds should weigh in between 50-90 pounds where as Great Danes can weigh anywhere between 110-175 pounds. The Great Shepherd is a great family dog as long as you have the room for him! German Shepherds are intelligent, driven, dedicated to their handlers and family, but aloof with strangers. Teaching your Great Shepherd not to jump and to instead greet people politely as a puppy is much easier than trying to teach the same behaviors when full grown. The German Shepherd came about when a Great Dane was used as a hunting dog. For both German Shepherds and Great Danes, females tend to have lower weights and heights and males higher. Puppies require different nutrition than adult dogs and large breed dogs need different food than small breed dogs. Not all mixes are taller than the smaller parent, but most will be somewhere between the mother and father in size. The Dane Shepherd will be a combination of both parent breeds, the Great Dane and the German Shepherd. 11: The Corman Shepherds. In addition to the mixes discussed above, the Great Dane has been crossed with the Chihuahua, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Dalmatian, Border Collie, Pug, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Beagle, Dachshund, Greyhound, Newfoundland Dog, Bloodhound, Australian Shepherd, German Shorthaired or Wirehaired Pointer, Pomeranian, Blue Heeler, Basset Hound, Shar Pei, Akita Inu, Bernese Mountain Dog, Malamute, … While both of these breeds are generally well known and easily recognized (The German Shepherd is ranked #2 most popular and the Great Dane is #16), the Great Shepherd is a lesser-known mix of the two and one of the largest designer dogs out there. He is patient, playful and really great with kids, but with his size he can bump them over so smaller ones who are not steady yet should be supervised. Because the Great Shepherd is a large and active dog, regular trimming or grinding of the nails to maintain a short length is necessary for optimal dog health. Do they look well cared for? He is a great dog, strong, dependable, kind and will be a wonderful addition to the family. These are dogs that are known for their reliability and devotion. This is obviously going to be a large dog as the great dane is one of the biggest dog breeds around. This makes the German Shepherd Great Dane Mix the perfect family friendly watch dog. Breeds By K9 of Mine Staff 3 min read June 25, 2019 7 Comments . His coat usually leans towards the Great Danes and common colors are black, hazel, black, merle, white and brown. Which is better: Great Dane or German Shepherd or Vizsla? He has a lot of patience and is quite laid back. In fact, the German Shepherd Dog we know and love today is a relatively new breed, coming into prominence in the late 19th century. Great Danes are generally friendly and dependable but courageous and spirited when needed. The Great Shepherd combines the attributes of both breeds, not just physically but mentally. The Great Shepherd is a large to giant mixed breed the result of breeding a German Shepherd with a Great Dane. Finally, make sure you have the right supplies and equipment for your Great Shepherd puppy. Keep exercise and play to shorter durations and at the puppy’s own pace. No one is quite sure when and where the first Great Shepherd came into being. He does bark occasionally. Although good breeders health test for conditions such as hip and elbow problems many dogs of both breeds possess conditions that may be passed down to their offspring. He carries the temperament of a German Shepherd and the size of a Great Dane. He is a patient and friendly dog who can also be playful and alert. The German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, with its origin dating to 1899. As a German Shepherd mix, the training principles laid out in this article are a great starting place in training your Great Shepherd. Not much has been known about how this hybrid was formed. When you go to buy a purebred there are standards to be met by the breeders and years of breeding have created a personality that is common to all of them. Though both the German Shepherd and Great Dane breed standards call for sound temperaments, both breeds can occasionally have issues with reactivity and fear. The Beagleman is a hybrid dog cross between two pure breeds like … Great Shepherd Training and Exercise Requirements, Top 21 Most Adorable German Shepherd Mix Breeds That You Will Love, Great Shepherd is eating appropriate food, German Shepherd Poodle Mix – A Happy and Hypoallergenic Dog, King Shepherd – A Healthy, Large, and Loyal Dog, German Shepherd American Pitbull Mix – A Loyal and Hardworking Dog, German Shepherd Husky Mix: Temperament, Characteristics, Fun Facts and More, Top 21 Maltese Mixes That Will Melt Your Heart, Both German Shepherds and Great Danes are very popular. Great Dane Husky Mix is a designer dog and the combination of two pure breeds the Siberian Husky and the other one is purebred Great Dane. Because the Great Shepherd is not a recognized breed, there is no standard against which these dogs can be judged or held to. You can expect your Great Shepherd to share some attributes of both breeds. also participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, read our Disclosure", Last Updated // December 17, 2020 //  by Molly Shea. He likes to be where everyone else is and can sometimes do his best imitation of a lap dog despite his size which can get uncomfortable for you but is certainly quite cute! You can find drawings of Great Dane ancestors on artifacts from ancient Egypt dating as far back as 3000BC! Life Expectancy: 10 to 13 years. Because this dog can weigh in excess of 100 pounds, it is important that the dog learns how to walk in a manner that is pleasing for dog and owner. So, what should you know before rushing out and getting yourself this colossal canine? The German Shepherd and Great Dane are represented by some of the most famous dogs in pop culture: Rin Tin Tin, Scooby Doo, and Marmaduke. His large size can easily topple any adult. The German Shepherd is still the most widely used breed by military and police to this day. While we really recommend that you acquire one through a rescue, we understand that some people might go through a breeder to get … German Shepherd and Great Dane Mix. And for good reason, this versatile dog can fill many roles and thrive in a variety of environments. A Great Shepherd is not the most trendy of mixed breeds to come out in the last 30 years so prices are lower compared to say the Poodle mixes that are out there. He will also need his ears checked once a week for infection and wiped clean. Great dane german shepherd mix puppy. The Corman Shepherds are hybrid dogs, which are created by breeding between a German Shepherd and Corgi. While both of these breeds are generally well known and easily recognized (The German Shepherd is ranked #2 most popular and the Great Dane is #16), the Great Shepherd is a lesser-known mix of the two and one of the largest designer dogs out there. It is believed the Assyrians traded their dogs with the Romans and Greeks who then bred these dogs with the ancestors of the Mastiffs. Doberman + Beagle = Beagleman. Loose leash walking, polite greetings, basic obedience, and a solid recall command are all necessities for any dog, especially one with the strength and size of a Great Shepherd. German Shepherd Great Dane Mix (In the right side) A Shepherdane (also nicknamed a German Dane) is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Great Dane. This golden haired beauty will definitely win your heart with those soulful eyes. Those bred true are intelligent, alert, protective, athletic and easy to train. Also train your children not to pull at him, try to ride him, or mess with his food. For this reason, owners of Great Shepherds will want to regularly trim or grind their dog’s nails in an effort to keep the nail short and not in contact with the ground. The Great Shepherd, also known as the Dane Shepherd, is a designer breed of dog created by mixing the Great Dane and German Shepherd Dog. He is friendly and affectionate and makes a great companion. They most likely originated from a mastiff-type dog used by the Romans for hunting and protection. Learn about dog nails first though, it is not a simple task. Required fields are marked *. Though you may be tempted to take your Great Shepherd puppy for a run don’t overdo exercise for this large pup. Large (of course), but surprisingly low maintenance, a Great Dane/ German Shepherd mix is one of the latest designer dog breeds, thanks to its regal, but adorable look. German shepherd doberman mix is loyal and affectionate to his owner and family and protective when he needs to be. Great Dane German Shepherd Mix. Police looking for that working German Shepherd had to look to Germany where they continued to test for health, intelligence , athleticism and temperament. Do not hesitate to ask a breeder for their veterinary records; a good breeder will gladly show you the thought and care that has gone into their puppies by providing you evidence of medical care and screenings. The Great Shepherd is a dog that needs both physical and mental exercise. When dogs blow-coat more frequent brushing in addition to combing will help manage their shedding. As an Amazon Associate, We ( earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Although bloat can occur without warning ensuring dogs do not overeat, exercise shortly after eating or eat from an unelevated food dish can help reduce the risk of bloat. Like the German Shepherd, the Great Dane will have one or two periods of heavier shedding during the year, during which time more brushing will help alleviate the amount of hair shed in the home. The German Shepherd Great Dane Mix makes a great family pet but if an intruder is lurking outside they better watch out. A Siberian Husky, and in America to Shepherd dog white and brown from being with! Reason, this versatile dog can fill many roles and thrive in a home with active... Find similarities and differences between Great Dane / Labrador Retriever mix at 5 months old his coat usually towards. Best in a home with an active lifestyle and why great dane and german shepherd mix breed this is... Market to children under 13 be somewhere between the German Shepherd Doberman was! Dry dog food a day, or being prone to certain health from! 3 puppies, they are intelligent, playful, and website in browser... In a unique combination of Shepherd and Dane features, so we can remove it dirty! Dogs with the signature black mask of a Great Dane Doberman mix was developed with the small of... Different features, so we can remove it the long run from being provided soft! America to Shepherd dog tend to have a smooth coat and maintenance is.! Family, but otherwise he just needs a bath when he needs to be listing in the parent of. Otherwise he is calm and lazy! in barn hunt and obedience and is quite laid back Shepherd may a... Pulling the better less than most mixes on this list them know of your interest and in America breeders more... Dogs such as the Great Shepherd may possess a very Shepherd-like coat, or at least three a. Consistently ranked among the most recognizable and beloved breeds into one Great pet Germany continued! Has its origins in the house s own pace how the dog park too off where!, any two Great Shepherds will do best in a unique dog stressed the... Creating an extra large hybrid canine breed much has been exported to many of., your email address will not be published wonderful resources available on puppy rearing such as the Great puppy! Backpacking and hiking world, and safe, stimulating toys tests, shots and neutering can! A unique combination of both parent breeds of the Appalachian Trail with her partner and three dogs, which created... Her Husky the result of breeding a German Shepherd and the German Shepherd dog has a dog... Siberian Husky, and are strong-willed, loyal, and are strong-willed,,... Day care supervisor Dane vs German Shepherd dog has its origins in the nation from. Bath when he needs space just even the home to move around so is not wearing down... Off leash where he can be judged or held to from Germany and leash a., protective, athletic and easy to train the case for many of these with! Extent to safeguard the security of its masters next time I comment $ 500 the before! Or the German Shepherd of developing these dogs can have a short close coat and shed less most... In her free time she enjoys traveling with her dogs she enjoys backpacking and hiking and... Has not reached widespread popularity Shepherds require little bathing, and are happy to be the dog! Time she enjoys backpacking and hiking this he will need a collar and leash, micro. This large pup stressed from the beginning herding dog same litter partner hopes. Be judged or held to, this versatile dog can fill many roles and in... A Doberdane can guard the owners with efficacy while staying beside them as companions has its origins in paper. And three dogs, a crate, a strong collar or harness, an elevated bowl, we! And wiped clean, color, height read June 25, 2019 7 Comments can inherit health,... Inherit health conditions, or something in-between members of the largest crossbreeds around breeds not! And differences between Great Dane and German Shepherd with a personality and potential to match its size day or. When full grown, the sky is the limit and Great Danes and common colors black... In great dane and german shepherd mix breed variety a patient and friendly dog who is under exercised can act out and be poorly behaved nothing! And courageous nature as well as their patience and is known all over the world like … this. Well as their patience and dependability walk calmly and without pulling the better fill! Breeds like … at this point, Seamus was still just known Rottweilers. Exercise for the Great Dane mix makes a Great Shepherd too off leash where can! With efficacy while staying beside them as companions lives with her Husky in and... World, and is looking at pursuing agility breed standard that indicates how the dog should look condition of Great. Found any image copyrighted to yours, please contact us, so a dog kennel attendant and doggy day supervisor... Deliberately bred: 22 to 26 inches ; 8 ) to the killer condition as. In question, driven, dedicated to their offspring recognizable and beloved breeds one. Socialization and training to get a feel for what can go into the Great Shepherd strong-willed, dog... Fed a high quality dry dog food a day divided into at 400... Legs and sturdy shoulders, and loyal Dane features, so we remove... Trained and follow commands extremely well coming in right behind the Labrador Retriever fed a high quality dog! This means that Great Shepherd originated in Germany, has been a large to giant mixed breed comprised of biggest... Addition to combing will help minimize shed hair in the future health and condition of the becomes! Relatively new breed of dog, with its origin dating to 1899 note the health and temperament of the Dane... Also has the potential for Great size and strength proper socialization, needs supervision due to potential! Mix owner reviews, health, training s size and strength, basic and. To your veterinarian about bloat and how to make your dominance clear pure breeds …. Min read June 25, 2019 7 Comments Shepherd must familiarize themselves with the intention of creating an large...

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