EAS Maps for Oklahoma

Click regions on the map to view L.P.1 and L.P.2 detailed station information for each area.
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Results for Jackson County:

FacilityFrequencyCountyMonitor 1Monitor 2Monitor 3Monitor 4
KEYB107.90 FMJACKSONKPRO (93.50)KTIJ (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KKVO90.90 FMJACKSONKQTZ (105.9)KPRO (93.5)NWS (162.43)N/A
KOCU90.1 FMJACKSONKKRX (1380) KLAW (101.3) NWS (162.55)N/A
KPRO93.50 FMJACKSONKWEY FM (95.50)KTIJ (106.90)KEYB (107.50)N/A
KWHW1450.00 AMJACKSONKWEY FM (95.50)KTIJ (106.90)KEYB (107.90)N/A

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