EAS Maps for Oklahoma

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Results for Pittsburg County:

FacilityFrequencyCountyMonitor 1Monitor 2Monitor 3Monitor 4
KBCW91.90 FMPITTSBURGKMCO (101.30)NWS (162.48)KHTT (106.90)N/A
KMCO101.30 FMPITTSBURGKQCV FM (95.10)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.48)N/A (0.00)
KNED1150.00 AMPITTSBURGKQCV FM (95.10)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.48)N/A
KQIK FM105.90 FMPITTSBURGKMCO (101.3)KMOD (97.5)NWS (162.48)N/A
KTMC1400.00 AMPITTSBURGKQCV FM (95.10)NWS (162.48)KHTT (106.90)N/A
KTMC FM105.10 FMPITTSBURGKMCO (101.30)NWS (162.48)KHTT (106.90)N/A
KYOA98.70 FMPITTSBURGKMCO (101.30)KQIK (105.90)NWS (162.48)N/A

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