EAS Maps for Oklahoma

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Results for Tulsa County:

FacilityFrequencyCountyMonitor 1Monitor 2Monitor 3Monitor 4
AT&T U-verse IPTV CSTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
COX OF TULSA CSTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
K39CW39.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KAKC1300.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)N/A
KBEZ92.90 FMTULSAKRMG (740)KMOD (97.5)NWS (162.55)N/A
KCFO970.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KCXR100.30 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KEMX94.50 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A (0.00)
KGEB53.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)N/A
KGTO1050.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KHTT106.90 FMTULSAKRMG (740)KMOD (97.5)NWS (162.55)N/A
KIZS101.50 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)KRMG (740.00)NWS (162.55)
KJMM105.30 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KJMU1340.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KJRH2.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KJSR103.30 FMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)KRMG (740.00)
KJZT-LP90.10 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KMFO-LP98.10 FM LPTULSAKMOD (97.5)NWS (162.55)KHTT (106.9)N/A
KMOD97.50 FMTULSAKHTT (106.9)KRMG (740)NWS (162.55)N/A
KMUS1380.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KMYT41.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)N/A
KNYD90.50 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KRMG (740.00)NWS (162.55)N/A
KOKI23.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)N/A
KOKT LPFM90.90 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KOPE51.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KOTV26 TVTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)N/A
KPAX44.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KPIM-LP102.90 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KRAV96.50 FMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)KRMG (740.00)
KRMG740.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)KRMG (740.00)
KRMG FM102.30 FMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)KRMG (740.00)
KTBT92.10 FMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)KRMG (740)NWS (162.55)
KTBZ1430.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)N/A
KTFO41.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.50)KRMG (740.00)NWS (162.55)N/A
KTGX106.10 FMTULSAKHTT (106.9)KRMG (740)KMOD (97.5)NWS (162.55)
KTPX44 TVTULSAKMOD (97.50)KRMG (740.00)NWS (162.55)N/A
KTSB1170.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KRMG (740)NWS (162.55)N/A
KTUA88.10 FMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KRMG (740)NWS (162.55)N/A
KTUL8.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)N/A
KUTU CD25 TVTULSAKMOD (97.50)KHTT (106.90)NWS (162.55)N/A
KVOO FM98.50 FMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KRMG (740)NWS (162.55)N/A
KWEN95.50 FMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KHTT (106.9)NWS (162.55)KRMG (740.00)
KWGS89.50 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KRMG (740.00)NWS (162.55)NPR (SAT)
KWHB16.00 TVTULSAKMOD (97.5)KRMG (740)NWS (162.55)N/A
KWTU88.70 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KRMG (740.00)NWS (162.55)NPR (SAT)
KXBL99.50 FMTULSAKMOD (97.5)KRMG (740)NWS (162.55)N/A
KXOJ1550.00 AMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KVOO FM (98.50)NWS (162.55)N/A
KXOJ FM100.90 FMTULSAKMOD (97.50)KVOO FM (98.50)NWS (162.55)N/A

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