FCC Extends Deadline to Update Firmware

FCC Extends Deadline to Download and Install Updated Security Firmware to EAS Units –

On Nov. 5, the FCC released Public Notice DA 19-1144, extending the time by 60 days that EAS participants that are unable to complete installation of the new, replacement certificate information for IPAWS prior to Nov. 8, 2019, and therefore are unable to validate (and transmit to the public) CAP-formatted EAS alerts distributed by IPAWS, may continue to operate their EAS equipment for a period of up to 60 days from Nov. 8, 2019, i.e., up to and including Jan. 7, 2020, without additional FCC authority. The Public Notice says, “Accordingly, EAS participants are expected to make reasonable and good faith efforts to complete such installation prior to the expiration of this 60-day period.”