How Do I get CAP messages, Should I?

New Deadline for Cap compliant equipment was back in June 30, 2012
How Do I get CAP messages, Should I?

“With respect to monitoring EAS messages formatted in accordance with the specifications set forth in §11.56(a)(2), EAS Participants’ EAS equipment must interface with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) to enable the distribution of Common Alert Protocol (CAP)-formatted alert messages from the IPAWS system.”

Each station must purchase, install, and make operative an EAS receiver capable of receiving CAP/EAS messages. The most important change from previous operation is that a station must be connected to the IPAWS CAP server. That, of course, requires the new generation of decoders and a wideband Internet connection. For now, you are only adding the CAP/EAS to your existing monitoring.  To monitor FEMA’s IPAWS-OPEN enter into your new digital EAS receiver the URL (  Check with your manufacturer if you have difficulties.

The FCC currently says that stations may just put “Did not receive RWT from IPAWS” or some such notation. There is no urgent need to search out and log the reason. If are alerted to any missing tests, we will note them on our website.


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