IMPORTANT – All Stations Using ONN as an Assignment !!

Due to an upcoming change in the method ONN will be using to process and deliver audio content to it’s affiliates, it will no longer be possible to use the ONN network to receive EAS alerts.  This will not affect ONN programming, only EAS alerting will be affected.

IMPORTANT – October 17, 2021 will be the last day affiliates using ONN receivers can reliably expect to receive EAS alerts.

As a result, it is absolutely critical that each station using ONN/OK Ag as an assignment, suggest a NEW assignment.  As quickly as possible, take time to determine other stations you can reliably receive on your EAS ENDEC.  Send that information to Roger and/or Britt as quickly as possible.  We will work through options and send out updated assignments to each station currently assigned to monitor ONN.  The FCC requires us to find 3 assignments.  The station is only required to monitor two of those assignments.   Feel free to use the Change Request form button located on the main webpage to your left.  If you have questions, please reach out to us.  Our contact information is on this webpage.