IPAWS Server Down – 9/22/12

We have confirmation from EAS clients in multiple states and time zones that the IPAWS OPEN server went down at 1121 EDT yesterday.

As of 1030 EDT today, 9/23/12, IPAWS OPEN is still down.   Verizon had a major equipment failure which took the DHS primary and alternate servers off line for about 12 hours. After we complete the post-mortum, we will send you a report. The server was reported back up at 9:30 last night. The outage also affected FEMA’s email so they were unable to send out a notice.

A message back to FEMA that the IPAWS OPEN server is still not available for polling as of 0830 PDT today. Rebooting one EAS device I monitor did not resolve this.  A return message I just received says that IPAWS OPEN management is on site and working on the issue.  This may not be just a DNS resolution issue as was suggested.