NASBA requests to extend the deadline for CAP-compliance

NASBA (National Alliance of State Broadcast Associations) has filed with the FCC a request to extend the deadline for CAP-compliance to at least September 2011 or beyond. Waiting on FCC reaction.

NASBA points out that it would be premature at best, and potentially very wasteful at worst, for some 25,000 to 30,000 EAS participants to be required to purchase, install and test new or modified CAP-related equipment in circumstances where (i) the IPAWS list of CAP tested and certified EAS equipment has yet to be released, (ii) the FCC may conduct its own certification process which could necessite further changes to equipment which FEMA has already approved, and (iii) the FCC may, as a result of an expected rulemaking, change its EAS regulations in ways that impact the future suitability of CAP-related equipment