Below are links to documents, forms and other tools we’ve found useful and collected here for your convenience.

Oklahoma State EAS Plan

  • The State Plan accepted and approved by the FCC for the State of Oklahoma.  Currently the plan is being reviewed for revision.  If you have comments, please email us at

FCC EAS Handbook

  • Here is a link to the FCC EAS Handbook.  You are required to keep a current copy where your operators may have quick access to it.

Local Sample EAS Plan

  • Here is a sample EAS Plan for a local area. This sample document is several years old, and doesn’t include newer and recent inclusions, i.e. Amber Plans.

Sample EAS Log

  • Here is a sample EAS log. This is a great form for keeping receipt of 2 tests a week and 1 transmission. You may need to log additional tests depending on the number of stations you are monitoring.