Preparing for the Nationwide EAS Test (NPT)

Oklahoma EAS:
Preparing for the
Nationwide EAS Test (NPT)

The information below was provided by the NAB.  Here is a link to the entire letter.
  • Update Equipment. Confirm that your EAS equipment, software and firmware are upgraded to their most recent versions.
  • Review EAS Operating Handbook. Familiarize yourself with the procedures and guidelines outlined in the 2023 EAS Operating Handbook.  You can find a copy here.
  • Review State EAS Plan. Ensure that your EAS equipment is configured to monitor the EAS sources as indicated in your State EAS Plan.  You may check your assignments here.  Then type in your specific call letters in the facility blank.
  • Synchronize Your Equipment.  Manually synchronize EAS equipment clocks to the official time provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology if your equipment does not automatically synchronize to an internet time source.

Britt and Roger
EAS Broadcast Co-Chairmen
Roger Herring
Britt Lockhart