Sage Update required for IPAWS RWT in 2014

Updated January 14, 2014


A security certificate used to authenticate IPAWS messages has expired in the ENDEC. This will keep your ENDEC from receiving IPAWS CAP messages. You must install a small update in your ENDEC to re-enable IPAWS messages. Downloading and installing the update will take only a few minutes.

The update can be installed on top of any version of the ENDEC firmware. At this time, it is not included as part of any other update. If this update has been installed, the version list displayed by the version button on the ENDEC’s home page will show “CR rev 2” at the bottom of the list.

This update corrects the security certificate only, and does not change any firmware or settings. If you are not running the latest version of the firmware, please see the following section on release 89-6. If you are already running version 89-6, you must install the certificate update. If you are running any other version, and don’t want to update to version 89-6 at this time, you must still install the certificate update to receive IPAWS alerts.